Case Studies

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Lisek - Q-commerce Leader in Poland

As a key technology partner, Listonic works together with Lisek’s tech team and guides the rapid growth of this top q-commerce retailer.

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Couponing and Cashback System for Procter and Gamble

Listonic has developed and operated a purchase-checking mechanism that reads the content of customers’ receipts or invoices with AI OCR.

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Philips - Redesign & Growth Consulting for uGrow App

We worked closely with Philips and helped them with the local growth strategy & redesign of uGrow, their smart and highly personalized baby monitor app.

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Listonic - the Top Grocery Shopping List App

Our first born and original claim to fame. We designed, built and took it right to the top of its category worldwide.

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waterful case study

Waterful - Beautiful and Effective Hydration App

We made a hydration reminder app that combines best practices on how to make a habit stick with friendly ecouragament in the form of a joyful app hero.

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momly case study

Momly - Winning Pregnancy Tracker

This tracker helps and supports future moms with all the information they need. Kepping them informed at every stage helps them prepare for this potentially stressful time.

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"Akcja Paragon" - Verifying and Transcribing Receipts

Since 2018, we’ve been working on a research project concerned with verifying and transcribing receipts.

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Rossmann - Mobile App for Market Leading Drugstore

In response to the diminishing performance of mailings, we built a new direct communication channel with customers whom we engaged and loyalized.

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