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Listonic began in 2009 as a VC startup aiming to create the best shopping list app in the world. With heavy focus on great UX and bringing value to users and about hundred plus versions later, in 2015, we had 10M downloads and were the top shopping list app in ~40 countries including the US, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and UK.  

We took that experience and translated it into two more proprietary apps that improve people’s lives in small but meaningful ways. Waterful, featured by Apple in 137 countries, and Momly with 1M+ downloads and a quarter million MAU. And we did everything for those apps, from design through coding to scaling.

That opened doors to some external projects. And we’ve done two big ones. The first, an award-winning app for Poland’s largest drugstore that ended up being one of the most often used apps in the country. The second ended up being Poland’s q-commerce leader.

We put two and two together and figured that our know-how seems to nicely translate into well-performing consumer apps for outside clients. So, in October 2022, we decided to officially keep those doors open for good and, as Listonic Dev, continue making more winners for others.

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