App Dev

Project: “Akcja Paragon”

Since 2018, we’ve been working on a research project concerned with verifying and transcribing receipts. The research aims to analyze what Poles buy at what time and where. We are responsible for obtaining the data needed to perform the study and our partner, Centrum Monitorowania Rynku (CMR), analyzes shopping habits of Poles.

The result

Benefits for the Client and the Community

For four years, we’ve received over 200 000 receipts from local communities. As a way to encourage people to take part in the project and do something good for the world, we’ve been exchanging the receipts for prizes for local kindergartens. Of course, each kindergarten can suggest which products they need the most at the moment.


Front-to-back Development

“Akcja Paragon” app design & development.

Collection of numerous receipts from popular retail chains.

Project and product management.

Project maintenance.

Connecting to CMR’s APIs.

About the client

Who Is CMR (Centrum Monitorowania Rynku)

CMR is an independent research agency specializing in the analysis of transactional data collected from grocery stores.

Over the past 15 years, the company has built a representative sample of several thousand grocery stores from which it receives data on all transactions directly from cash registers. The sample data are appropriately weighted to reflect the size and structure of grocery stores in Poland.

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