Weekly Ads in Supermarket Apps: So Often Neglected, Yet Still So Crucial For Business

Weekly Ads Are Alive And Kickin' But Many Apps Act As If They Died Decades Ago

The volatile realm of consumer apps is unforgiving, with users being as capricious as a toddler on a sugar rush. Failing to meet their expectations, on the other hand, can cause an exodus that would make a biblical Pharaoh blush. Today, we take a closer look at an area still often treated as a relic of the past in many supermarket apps - Weekly Ads and Circulars.  

UX Blast From The Past

You see, many retail apps treat their Weekly Ads like the proverbial redheaded stepchild, giving users an experience reminiscent of the days of dial-up internet. For example, too often, a new user is “welcomed” with back-to-back cookie consent pop-ups. Sure, that's par for the course on the web, but mobile users would rather wrestle a grizzly bear than deal with that nonsense.

It's crucial to understand that the issue isn't just about aesthetics or UX per se. Frequently, it’s about the lack of actionable elements and not taking full or any advantage of mobile analytics - both quite impactful on sales. But Weekly Ads and Circulars are still the sales-boosting superstars they've always been, and the numbers continue to prove it! 

For example, too often, a new user is “welcomed” with back-to-back cookie consent pop-ups. Sure, that's par for the course on the web, but mobile users would rather wrestle a grizzly bear than deal with that nonsense.

As the retail landscape evolves faster than a chameleon at a rave, COVID has kicked the transition from print to fully interactive formats into high gear. But the data still backs up the power of Weekly Ads:

  • A recent study by AYTM found that 62% of consumers peruse circulars' discounts and promotions before shopping,
  • While according to a report by GfK, 87% of shoppers browse circulars the same amount of time or more than they did last year, indicating that this tactic remains a crucial driver of engagement.

Do Your Circulars Offer Weekly Trips Back In Time?

If your app is guilty of neglecting your Weekly Ads, then you're likely looking at two possible scenarios: a short-term fix that temporarily stops the bleeding or the long-term solutions that makes full use of mobile.

Short-Term Fix: Immediate Improvement

You don't have to scrap your current PDFs; just add a few bells and whistles that simplify the user experience and make it more practical:

  • Clipping Offers: Enable customers to save offers for later, with the app remembering the saved pages.
  • Sharing Selected Offers: Offer the convenience of sharing cutouts via text, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Timely Notifications: Provide a reminder two days before a user's clipped offer expires.
  • User-Friendly Navigation: Allow shoppers to easily browse multiple offers.

These features are both highly liked and frequently used, providing immediate value to customers. It's not optimal, but it will stop the bleeding until you're ready to make the next step.

Long-Term Solution: A Modern, Seamless Weekly Ads Experience

To keep up with what technology offers, integrate ecommerce functionality into your Circulars while still encouraging in-store visits. A study by PYMNTS revealed that 75% of shoppers who engaged with a retailer's app more frequently would also increase their in-store visits, highlighting the potential impact of a well-designed Weekly Ads experience.

  • Adding/Saving Products: Let customers add or save items directly from the Weekly Ads page.
  • Product Search: Enable users to search for products available in every Weekly Ad.
  • Watchlist: Allow buyers to subscribe for alerts once a certain product goes on sale.
  • Smart Shopping Lists: Offer interactive shopping lists where users can add, check off, and sort items.

This long-term approach aligns with the direction of the entire industry. Plug some analytics into it, and you'll be poised to tap into the full potential the mobile channel offers.

By giving your Weekly Ads the glow-up they deserve, you'll keep customers coming back for more and send your retail app's success soaring like a homesick angel. Reach out to us and let's chat about how our extensive experience in retail apps can help elevate this or any other aspect of your app.

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