Loyalty Programs In Retail Apps: Are You Reeling Users In & Turning Them Into Loyal Clients?

The MVP Of Many Retail Apps

Imagine a world where retail apps treat loyalty programs like the MVPs (Most Valuable Players) they are, attracting users like a box of fresh donuts in a police station break room. Sadly, too many apps fumble this golden opportunity like a butter-fingered quarterback. Just how crucial is this, you ask? Well, a 2021 survey by Accenture revealed that a whopping 77% of consumers partake in retail loyalty programs, while another survey by CodeBroker found that 70% of consumers are more inclined to do all their loyalty-related activities on a phone. So, let's take a peek at what retail apps often do wrong and how they can up their loyalty game to be on the way to turning their customers into die-hard fans!

Don't Play Hard To Get!

Some retail apps act like a coy crush, playing hard to get when it comes to their loyalty programs. But hey, if the app wants to win over users, it needs to shout the benefits from the rooftops! Clear and enticing communication about loyalty perks is key to wooing users into signing up for the program. 

Polish The Path To Loyalty

Imagine a loyalty program sign-up path smoother than your favorite jazz tune. Sadly, many apps miss the mark with a clunky, cumbersome process that turns users away like an off-key karaoke performance at a swanky cocktail party. A report by Forrester found that 28% of US online adults abandoned a loyalty program due to a poor experience during sign-up.

Here's how to create a smooth, harmonious experience that'll have users tapping their feet all the way to the loyalty program:

  • Simplify the UI: Keep it clean and clear, like a freshly wiped pair of rose-colored glasses.
  • Cut the Red Tape: Don't force users to jump through hoops. Keep it easy, breezy, and user-friendly.
  • Embrace Social Login: In a world where we're all just trying to connect, make signing up a snap with social login options.
  • Dial It In: Give users the option to sign up with their phone numbers - particularly useful for late adopters.
Clear and enticing communication about loyalty perks is key to wooing users into signing up for the program. 

Loyalty Card Views: The Championship Moment

The Loyalty Card View is prime real estate in the retail app world, like a 30-second TV commercial slot during the Super Bowl. But too many apps fail to take full advantage of this prime position. Because it’s probably the most often shown screen, it is the sweet spot for displaying top offers or introducing new features

Here are some other quick and easy wins:
  • Give Apple Wallet Some Love: Make life easy for the Apple crowd by adding the Loyalty Card to their Wallet. It's a no-brainer, folks.
  • Shortcuts to Savings: Home screen quick actions and app shortcuts are like VIP passes to savings galore.
  • Barcode Widgets, Ahoy!: This nifty addition lets users access their loyalty card barcode in a snap, making in-store checkouts a breeze.

Retail apps, it's time to roll out the red carpet for loyalty programs! By putting these plans in the spotlight, creating a seamless sign-up experience, and making the most of the Loyalty Card View, your app will be on the way to maxing out its business potential. A study by Bain & Company found that increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by 25% to 95%, underscoring the importance of a well-executed loyalty program in driving long-term success.

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